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Eurotek Pro Bundle
Fisher® F2
AT Pro
We are including a Garrett Edge Digger $33.96 Garrett Carry Bag $24.95 Camo Digging Pouch $11.95 8.5 x 11 Coil Cover $$14.95
Compare at $695
ONLY $594.95
ONLY $275
8” Concentric Coil
Compare at $319
ONLY $239
• Pinpointer $58.65  • 4" coil - Great for Trashy sites $33.99 • 10 " coil - Greater Coverage & Depth $59.50 • 2- 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries  • Fisher Carry Bag $38.25  • Additional Lower Stem $12.70
Total $402.09
ONLY $499
Compare at $1049
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These T2 Green models are the Newest Versions for 2016 with improved software performance that will handle EMI interference better than the previous models!
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