Herb, Print and post this story in your shop as a testament for the Eurotek . Kimbell Stevenson is 10 years old. Kimbell Had a rare bone marrow disease and had a bone marrow trans plant last fall at the university if Minnesota, a process that required her to be hospitalized for 6 months. Kimbell is recovering nicely. Kimbell came to visit in early March and loved the Eurotek Pro so we gave it to her. This was her first time metal detecting. Kimbell is from Fort Worth TX's where these coins were found. Kimbell with gold
Sunday March 15. Day 2 totals
I was going to send this to Teknetics they would probably use it in some of there ads what do you think? I have had a few stories in W&E treasures and I am working on a story for them. I would Like to thank Herb and Oaks Enterprises for a good deal on another Eurotek Pro. John Stevenson
Saturday March 14th .Day 1 totals