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Here is a list of items you will need to start this Great hobby. 1. Detector - They run between $150 and $6000. The difference is mostly depth and features. Our recommendation in starting the hobby is purchase a detector that you can afford. Please give us a call and let us show you the differences. 2. Digger - They run between $10 and $60. You can use something you all ready have like a garden trowel (etc.) or purchase one made for metal detecting. It is easier when it is sturdier and has teeth on the side. It will cut thru the sod and small roots better. 3. Pin Pointer - They run between $85 and $150 It is the most conveniant tool you can purchase.  With a Pin Pointer it is easier to find a target in the dirt. 4. Headphones - Most detectors have a speaker so headphones are not nessasary. Headphones can be used when trying to hear those faint beeps with a noisy envirenment so that you don’t miss a deep target. They also save on battery life. 5. Gloves - A good pair of gloves will save your hands from sharp targets. 6. Finds Pouch - Something to put all your finds in. A two section pouch is good for separating trash and good finds.