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Clearfield County, Pennsylvania: A trapper in the late 1700’s had a secret lead and silver mine somewhere in the vicinity of his cabin at the junction of Morgan Run and Little Clearfield Creek near Stoneville. Rich ore was found in his cabin after his death, but the source remains to be found. Clearfield County, Pennsylvania: There have been stories told for years by old-timers in the Woodland area that a cache of treasure is buried somewhere along the trail between Indian Rock and Long Run on the Woodland side of Missionary Ridge. In 1914, the old Lambert homestead was located along Clearfield Creek, 2 miles S of Dimeling. He buried a butter crock full of pennies somewhere on his property that has never been recovered after his death.
Cambria county, Pennsylvania: & Indiana RR passenger train was robbed of a payroll destined for the Colver Coal Mine amounting to $33,000. The train was stopped, as it was about to cross the concrete bridge outside Belsano and the robbers dragged the safe from the express car to a getaway car parked near the RR tracks. The robbers were captured 2 weeks later and 2 of the men, Michelo Bassi and Anthony Pezzi, were convicted of murder and died in the electric chair. Not all of the money or the safe was ever found and some sources believe that it remains hidden in the area of the robbery site. Cambria county, Pennsylvania: Included in the treasure lost in the Johnstown flood of 1889 was the metal safe from the local bank containing $50,000. It was never found
Centre county, Pennsylvania: The area banks gathered up their gold deposits and placed them in 6 barrels. The treasure was loaded aboard a wagon train headed for Clearfield, some 40 miles to the N, but because of the rugged terrain the caravan took a more circular route, NE to Wingate and then to Snow Shoe Mountain. The wagon train stopped for the night at Mountain House, a tavern and inn on the summit of the mountain. The next morning the 6 barrels of gold were missing and no trace of the hoard has ever come to light. Centre county, Pennsylvania: The outlaws Lewis and Conley frequently attacked travelers along Drover’s Road, also known as the Great Shamokin Indian Path. The outlaw David Lewis was arrested and imprisoned at Bellefonte in 1820 where he died of wounds received during his capture. Before his death he swore that he had buried a fortune in gold within sight of the jail Centre County, Pennsylvania: During the Revolutionary War, soldiers secreted several bags of gold coins in Penns Cave, 6 miles NE Spring Mills. There have been no reports of any recovery of this cache. Centre County, Pennsylvania: Woodward Cave was the hideout of a band of outlaws in the 1820’s, located N of Woodward on Pine Creek. Stories have persisted that loot of this gang remains hidden or buried in the area and has yet to be recovered. Indiana county, Pennsylvania: The town was the headquarters for the Black Hand extortion gang. Much treasure is believed buried and hidden in this area.