5” Round
8” Concentric 10” Concentric
11” DD Elliptical
10” Elliptical DD
FOR Alpha, Delta, Gamma, Omega & G2
FOR T2 & T2Ltd
10” Elliptical DD
15” DD Elliptical
5” DD Round
11” DD Elliptical
Alpha, Delta, Gamma, Omega, G2, G2+, Eurotek Pro G2 and F19 which were made to run DD coils but not concentric. The Teknetics coils below are compatible with all the models above. They are also compatible with Fisher  F5, F11, F22, F44, Goldbug and GoldbugPro 5” Round 8” Concentric 10” Concentric 10” Elliptical DD   11” DD Elliptical
T2 & T2Ltd T2 Coils are not compatible with any other detector including the F75 __________________ 5” DD Round 10” Elliptical DD  11” DD Elliptical  15” DD Elliptical
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