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Teknetics T2 Classic
•Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target ID •Straightforward Menu-Driven User Interface •Trigger Actuated Target Pinpointing •Double Filter Discrimination Modes •Trigger Actuated FASTGRAB™ •Manual Ground Cancellation •Continuous Ground Monitor •Waterproof 11-inch Open Frame Bi-Axial™ •Renowned Target Separation Capability •Detects targets at extreme depths •Low Operating Cost - More than 40 hrs. with 4-AA Batteries
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ONLY $179
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•View Full DetailsPinpoint Mode •0-99 Target-ID •Graphic Target Depth Indicator •Full Discrimination Capability •3-Tone Audio ID
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Teknetics G2+
Conquer Iron-Infested Sites With Adjustable Iron Audio
FeTone® Adjustable Iron Audio • Enhanced V-Break® Tone Discrimination System • Notch Mode with Adjustable Notch Width •Adjustable Backlight •Computerized GROUNDGRAB® One Touch Ground Balance with Manual Override Unmatched Target Separation in Iron and Trash •Continuous Ground Condition Readout  - Ground Phase Value Indicates Type of Mineralization  - Fe3O4 Graphic Indicates Amount of Mineralization •Ground Balance All the Way to Salt •Static All Metal Pinpoint with Depth Indicator •19 kHz Operating Frequency
Teknetics Omega 8500
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Unique Intuitive Interface & Display •Continuous On Screen Operation Status •Ground Grab®, Compterized Ground Balancing •Selectable All Metal Tones •Expanded Iron Range •Phase Error Readout •Analog Controls •Elliptical Searchcoil •Superior Pinpointing & Wide Sweep •Ergonomic Pistol Grip •Arm Strap Included
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